Be a pioneer.

Pioneers, settlers who open up undeveloped land, founders.
The history of Hokkaido is also the history of pioneers.
Inheriting the pioneer spirit of our predecessors, we will take on the role of pioneers of the future landscape.
IKEUCHI LAB will be the source of the next generation of pioneers.

This forms the center of the Sapporo Innovation Ecosystem and will act as a hub through which the innovation ecosystems based in various European cities can connect with Hokkaido.
Here, against a background co-creation system through industry-government-academia collaboration, we will create high-impact innovations aimed at creating social and economic value -- from moonshot projects in the aerospace field to social design aimed at solving regional social issues.

Vision In collaboration with the global innovation ecosystem including the Nordic countries, we will become a hub that connects Hokkaido with the world to realize sustainable growth on a global level.
Mission Produce as many pioneers as possible for the sustainable growth of the world.


  • Workspace Provider Business

    We provide a comfortable environment surrounded by advanced Nordic design that incorporates Finnish style with its deep connections to Hokkaido.

  • Startup Accelerator Business

    The Nordic innovation ecosystem provides support from the mentoring stage with the aim of fostering globally active startups.

  • Open Innovation Business

    We will create concrete solutions to complex regional and social issues through active co-creation.

  • Venture Capital Business

    Through our original venture fund, we will consider investing in the start up for unique concepts that contribute to the revitalization of Hokkaido.

Our values 8

  • 1. The DEMOLA GLOBAL Program In collaboration with DEMOLA GLOBAL, regarded as the center of the Finnish innovation ecosystem, we will establish a Nordicstyle innovation emergence program.

  • 2. A hub connecting Finland, Northern Europe and Hokkaido We support co-creation between Hokkaido ventures, companies, local governments and Nordic countries by taking advantage of our excellent global innovation ecosystem network including Finland.

  • 3. Opportunities for interaction with overseas startup support organizations At IKEUCHI LAB, we encourage global exchanges with startup support agencies based in countries such as Finland, Denmark, Estonia and France.

  • 4. Regional regeneration project In order to solve regional issues facing Hokkaido, IKEUCHI LAB will independently launch 11 regional revitalization projects, providing both a setting and opportunities for open innovation.

  • 5. A STARTUP CITY SAPPORO Partner As a member of the secretariat of the STARTUP CITY SAPPORO project, which is government certified and promoted by Sapporo City, we support the emergence of innovation in cooperation with both national and local governments.

  • 6. IKEUCHI GATE Smart-building Lab The IKEUCHI GATE smart-building, designed by world-famous architect Toyo Ito and equipped with multiple advanced technologies, can be used as a setting for innovation PoC.

  • 7. I Network We provide various services as well as market research support through the IKEUCHI GATE app and the IKEUCHI GROUP Members app.

  • 8. Experienced mentors Industry-government-academia experts and overseas support members in each field (11 sectors) such as aerospace development, smart-city, design, architecture, and real estate will serve as mentors.

Floor and Access

Floor map


  • 1. Private offices
  • 2. Exclusive lounge for Private office tenants
  • 3. Exclusive meeting rooms for members (Excluding Drop-in members)
  • 4. Co-working space (Drop-in available)
  • 5. Event space
  • 6. Pioneer offices
  • 7. Meeting rooms for Innovation project members *
  • 8. Innovation zone
  • 9. Technology showcase
  • 10.Café (Proposed)


18, South 1 West 2, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Japan 060-0061


Room tour


Private Office Membership


Private office space for teams and businesses of 1 to 8 people. Even after moving in, you can move to a more optimal workspace in the lab as your organization grows.

Pioneer Office Membership


Co-creation-oriented offices for companies working on pioneering projects such as solving regional issues facing Hokkaido.

Co-working Membership

25,000/Month (No registration)
50,000/Month (Registration)

Community managers facilitate networking among members to meet collaboration needs.

Drop-in Membership


Feel free to use the co-working space at your favorite time. It is convenient for use in various situations, such as before and after business trips or outings.

Common Services / Options

Reception / Office Cleaning Service / Coworking Space / Company Registration / Free Drink / Meeting Room


At IKEUCHI LAB, in order to create as many pioneers as possible and as many pioneering innovations as possible, we have launched multiple concrete projects and programs to allow contact with and understanding of global wisdom. We will provide a setting and opportunities for mutual collaboration.

DEMOLA GLOBAL Collaboration Program / Finland Innovation Ecosystem Collaboration Program / Startup City Sapporo Collaboration Program / Regional Regeneration Project / IKEUCHI GATE Smart-building Lab Project

Regional Regeneration Project

Towards its aim of sustainable growth in Hokkaido, IKEUCHI LAB will organize an open innovation project covering 11 sectors. For each project, companies, venture companies, academia, local governments, etc. will be brought together to implement projects aimed at creating social and economic value over designated time periods.

The 11 Sectors Sector1 : Aerospace development projects
Sector2 : Smart-city projects
Sector3 : XR projects
Sector4 : Robotics projects
Sector5 : HIO (Hokkaido Ikeuchi Outfitters) projects
Sector6 : Real estate projects
Sector7 : Resort projects
Sector8 : Energy projects
Sector9 : Art, Design, and Architectural projects
Sector10 : Food projects
Sector11 : Other

Demola Global

Start up Program

DEMOLA GLOBAL was established in 2011 after the development of the open innovation program that started at the University of Tampere in Finland.
As the centerpiece of the Finnish innovation ecosystem, the company operates startup accelerators and open innovation businesses in more than 18 countries around the world.
IKEUCHI LAB will establish a Nordic Innovation Emergence Program in collaboration with DEMOLA GLOBAL.

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